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Mine Services

We conduct various mine duties such as ore hauling, waste hauling, live pile management, tailings pond maintenance and general site maintenance.

Health & Safety

Our management staff all promote the “Leading by Example” attitude. This unquestionably is the best way to describe our culture at SRC and the results speak for themselves from out safety record, our low employee turnover, along with our moral and ethical business practices.


Sun Ridge Contracting was awarded the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Indigenous Business of the Year. In turn, we received the BC Aboriginal Business Award for Excellence. Sun Ridge continues to donate as a dinner sponsor of this annual event that showcases the successes and victories of our aboriginal businesses all over BC.

Project Management

When working with Sun Ridge Contracting you will have the highest level of project management. Our process includes submission of equipment logs, time sheets, safety meeting documents, equipment repair documents, copies of PO’s, and Change Orders (when applicable) are delivered to and processed in our office. Senior Management hold Project Progress Meetings on a regular basis to identify and address any issues which may impact target completion dates, milestones, staff requirements, equipment needs, training needs, and updates to any corporate policies which apply. By following the above-mentioned protocol, and safety records we are a bonded company and carry all required liability insurance policies and loss insurance polices as required depending on project scope and financial magnitude.

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