Our Projects

Tailings Storage Facility Dam Raise

In 2016 and 2017 SRC crews were contracted for the Tailings Storage Facility Dam Raise, raising the dam elevation at New Gold by moving 600,000 m3, rotating tailing cyclones and assisting with the liner install. Including daily quality control and quality assurance.

Live Pile Management

Since 2015 SRC has provided Live Pile Management to New Gold pushing the live pile material from the under-ground conveyor system and feeding the mill, this job also including hauling waste material to the waste dump.

Pipe Crew Services

New Gold relies on Sun Ridge Contracting to provide Pipe Crew services moving and fusing pipes with our HDPE fuser and supporting cyclone moves.

Large Earthworks Project

Completed in January 2019, this large earthworks project required the involvement of office staff, project managers, operators, quality control and quality assurance personal to successfully load, haul and place 123,000 m3 of material to construct a large stability pad.

Committed to Safety

Our management staff all promote the “Leading by Example” attitude. This unquestionably is the best way to describe our culture at SRC and the results speak for themselves from our safety record, our low employee turnover, along with our Moral and Ethical business practices. Our documented Lost Time Incident (LTI) report has helped us to achieve recognition and promote our safety culture through ISNetworld, Gold Shovel and the Canadian Construction Association.

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